What is Scrip?

Gift Cards

Shop with gift cards in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants and more.

Earnings that Add Up

A percentage of each gift card purchased goes directly Calvary Chapel Academy.

This Is Fundraising Made Easy!

                                                                                       *Just a few options of the hundreds of other options!
“How do I get these cards?”
You can purchase them when the School Office is open!
“Explain this in layman terms”
Lets say you plan to go to Walmart to spend $50 dollars. But, with Scrip you can pick up a $50 dollar gift card from the school office before the shopping trip and use that gift card instead! When you purchase any card for any reason a percentage of that transaction will go to the school! Its that easy!
You’re not spending more, You’re giving more.
“Is there an online option?”
Yes! You have two ways of using Scrip:
*You will need to use this “Enrollment code”: C493D9LF36495
Calvary Chapel Academy
26121 Hemet Street Hemet, CA 92544
School Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:15-3:00
Friday 8:15-2:15 

Office (951) 927-4395 License#334818811


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 5338
Hemet, CA 92544

Calvary Chapel Academy School is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Hemet. For more information about our church click here