2020-2021 Study Hall – Helps Ministry                                              For Kindergarten – 7th grade

We will provide a Covid-19 safe environment for your student to participate in their registered schools distance learning program. There will be a student tutor to help your child with questions and homework when needed. Our vision is to be a blessing to parents that are not able to help their student through distance learning. 
Registration Fee: $30
(Non-refundable, includes an emergency preparedness kit)
Daycare Fee: $4.25 per hour
Monthly Fee
(Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm)
Other options that may be available (these are by waitlist only):
2 Days a Week
(Tues and Thur)
3 Days a Week
(Mon, Wed, Fri.)
Refunds will only be given if the student is not admitted to class due to overcrowding or if the ministry is cancelled due to low enrollment. If we do not meet the 11 student minimum this ministry will be subject to cancellation or an additional fee may be added to retain a ministry overseer. (All payments must be in advance of the enrollment period.)
For any questions about the Study Hall and Helps Ministry please call the School office at 951-927-4395
PDF download of the Study Hall Flyer
Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. 
 License #334818811
We accept CalWorks/Gain/RCOE